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Axis Powers Hetalia Dj~ The Awesome We

This HungaryxPrussia dj is actually for sale so I will not be posting its contents online like I have done with previous doujinshi. Hopefully I can promote it more here on LJ. 

Also! I would like to mention when you purchase a doujinshi you get a complimentary Hetalia bookmark of your choice! Bookmarks can be purchased separately for $1.50 USD not including shipping.

The Awesome We Back Cover

Hetalia Bookmarks

Plot Summary:

Summer, 16th century Europe. It is the bewitching hour in which Prussia climbs through out the Alps towards Vienna. It was supposed to be a surprise visit, but instead there are some surprises neither of them expected.
Parring: HungaryxPrussia
Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance

Main Characters: Prussia, Hungary, and Canada
Size: 20x13.5 cm
No. of Pages: 20
Rating: PG-13 (slight sexual-innuendo, shounen-ai)
Orientation: Left to Right
Price: $5.00 USD
Follow the following link to storenvy to complete the purchase.
Shipping may vary depending on your location. The doujinshi will be shipped to you on the next business day after I receive the payment.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at allen.chinibi@hotmail.com or through my storenvy page. 

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