April 1st, 2010

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Axis Powers Hetalia Dj ~L'Iperbole di Andante~

Plot Summary

[AU] From a young age twins Romano [South Italy] and Feliciano [North Italy] had been seperated due to war and economic problems. Antonio [Spain], Romano's guardian catches wind that Feliciano is alive and currently residing in Venezia. Desperate to find the only family he has left in the world Romano leaves for Venezia only to be caught up in a hopeless situation. ItaxIta [twincest] [Reads right to left]

Well actually this isn't entirely twincest, I'm sort of basing their actions off of the Italian custom of men kissing each other. In general this is AU, so characters and circumstances are slightly different in this story. I sort of expect people to question what's going on *laughs*

Sorry for not keeping up with Grimms, this dj became a side project during the making of Love Letter and the scanning of Grimms 5a, so now I finally got this is up. Back to working on Grimms! 

Have fun with the Ita bros. Zee
link to glorious twincest and my rules no one reads. [Please do read them! Please ;w;] Now...its back to Grimms and enjoying spring break >3