January 17th, 2010

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Märchen Awakens Romance Dj ~ Love Letter

Plot Summary

Team Mär is staying at Jack's farm for a little R & R. Alviss decides to take a walk alone, and finds a mysterious piece of paper. Its a love letter...from Ginta?! Confusion ensues. GintaxAlviss, read Right to left. 

*Btw this isn't entirely work safe*

I kinda got lazy and didn't post it on DA yet so um lucky for whoever follows on here. [which is no one.] 

This is a thank you and late xmas present for my friend Sango, I made a hard copy just for her. I will post this up on DA later. Speaking of posting I kinda got into the moment and made well recorded the process of how its done, and my friend edited it all for me and posted it up on yt. Here is the link

Regardless, she enjoyed it, hopefully everyone else does too =)

Here is the link. Don't forget the
rules, everyone! >_<

Ttyl when I finish the next dj!