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November 8th, 2009

king, tsuna, primo, khr, sexy

A Shaman King Dj ~ Narzissmus

 Plot Summary

Yoh and Hao elaborate on their brotherly relation, and constantly attempt to second guess each other's feelings with their mind-reading ability. Despite their attempts to communicate clearly, Yoh forgets about the reality he desperately wishes to escape. [Yoke] [Reads right to left]

Yes, this one tried to come up with a decent plot summary. Yes, regardless the parring is YohxHao [aka Yoke], also contains some lime to go with your pho =) XD 

Its worth mentioning that most of my Djs are first posted on deviantart, so if anyone needs explanatory notes, they will most likely be on DA. Therefore here for art thou is
my DA account

And finally, miei amici, zee almightly link to thou Dj. One must remember to read the rules concerning the distribution of my Djs, if one has not already done so.  

Thank you! And please enjoy =)