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Axis Powers Hetalia Dj~ The Awesome We

This HungaryxPrussia dj is actually for sale so I will not be posting its contents online like I have done with previous doujinshi. Hopefully I can promote it more here on LJ. 

Also! I would like to mention when you purchase a doujinshi you get a complimentary Hetalia bookmark of your choice! Bookmarks can be purchased separately for $1.50 USD not including shipping.

The Awesome We Back Cover

Hetalia Bookmarks

Plot Summary:

Summer, 16th century Europe. It is the bewitching hour in which Prussia climbs through out the Alps towards Vienna. It was supposed to be a surprise visit, but instead there are some surprises neither of them expected.
Parring: HungaryxPrussia
Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance

Main Characters: Prussia, Hungary, and Canada
Size: 20x13.5 cm
No. of Pages: 20
Rating: PG-13 (slight sexual-innuendo, shounen-ai)
Orientation: Left to Right
Price: $5.00 USD
Follow the following link to storenvy to complete the purchase.
Shipping may vary depending on your location. The doujinshi will be shipped to you on the next business day after I receive the payment.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at or through my storenvy page. 

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Well more like for the first time rather. Starting to un-pack on the new site, will still maintain over here on lj but postings will mainly be on blogger now. Check you later ;D

As a side note, check out my latest dj lol 
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Grimms Manga~ Chapter 5b

Sorry 5b took awhile, here it is @ last! Volume 1 is now complete! Hopefully volume 2 will be out soon since I stopped making Djs for quite some time.  

Hope to see you in volume 2, and please do not post or re-distribute without permission. Thanks!

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Axis Powers Hetalia Dj ~L'Iperbole di Andante~

Plot Summary

[AU] From a young age twins Romano [South Italy] and Feliciano [North Italy] had been seperated due to war and economic problems. Antonio [Spain], Romano's guardian catches wind that Feliciano is alive and currently residing in Venezia. Desperate to find the only family he has left in the world Romano leaves for Venezia only to be caught up in a hopeless situation. ItaxIta [twincest] [Reads right to left]

Well actually this isn't entirely twincest, I'm sort of basing their actions off of the Italian custom of men kissing each other. In general this is AU, so characters and circumstances are slightly different in this story. I sort of expect people to question what's going on *laughs*

Sorry for not keeping up with Grimms, this dj became a side project during the making of Love Letter and the scanning of Grimms 5a, so now I finally got this is up. Back to working on Grimms! 

Have fun with the Ita bros. Zee
link to glorious twincest and my rules no one reads. [Please do read them! Please ;w;] Now...its back to Grimms and enjoying spring break >3

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Grimms Manga~ Chapter 5a

This is the first scanlation both me and Lysen did, sorry if it isn't that great =_=;

Hard to believe I did a scan though! I'm kind of proud of myself in a way. *laughs* I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did scanning and all that jazz X3

We hope to get 5b out as soon as possible! 

Even though this is a scan, the same
rules apply to this as well as with other Djs B| <= dead serious about this

Now to the link! Dear nachos! <= Srry I want tacos.   La-la-link! music note Pictures, Images and Photos

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Märchen Awakens Romance Dj ~ Love Letter

Plot Summary

Team Mär is staying at Jack's farm for a little R & R. Alviss decides to take a walk alone, and finds a mysterious piece of paper. Its a love letter...from Ginta?! Confusion ensues. GintaxAlviss, read Right to left. 

*Btw this isn't entirely work safe*

I kinda got lazy and didn't post it on DA yet so um lucky for whoever follows on here. [which is no one.] 

This is a thank you and late xmas present for my friend Sango, I made a hard copy just for her. I will post this up on DA later. Speaking of posting I kinda got into the moment and made well recorded the process of how its done, and my friend edited it all for me and posted it up on yt. Here is the link

Regardless, she enjoyed it, hopefully everyone else does too =)

Here is the link. Don't forget the
rules, everyone! >_<

Ttyl when I finish the next dj! 
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Axis Powers Hetalia Dj ~GermanyxPrussia~

Plot Summary

Prussia challenges Germany to a drinking game. The winner tells the loser to do whatever he wants. [Germancest] [Reads right to left]

Apparently lj doesn't like google chrome... so here is another Dj I had finished sometime ago and managed to post to DA maybe a week or two ago? >_>

My friend Eiko from MAL was complaining that there aren't enough Germancest djs, she has a point [though I'm not a fan really] and so I drew a short one for her. So short I didn't even include a title page.

She enjoyed it, hopefully everyone else does too =)

Without further ado, here is the link. Don't forget the
rules, everyone! >_<

Ciao =3
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A Shaman King Dj ~ Narzissmus

 Plot Summary

Yoh and Hao elaborate on their brotherly relation, and constantly attempt to second guess each other's feelings with their mind-reading ability. Despite their attempts to communicate clearly, Yoh forgets about the reality he desperately wishes to escape. [Yoke] [Reads right to left]

Yes, this one tried to come up with a decent plot summary. Yes, regardless the parring is YohxHao [aka Yoke], also contains some lime to go with your pho =) XD 

Its worth mentioning that most of my Djs are first posted on deviantart, so if anyone needs explanatory notes, they will most likely be on DA. Therefore here for art thou is
my DA account

And finally, miei amici, zee almightly link to thou Dj. One must remember to read the rules concerning the distribution of my Djs, if one has not already done so.  

Thank you! And please enjoy =) 
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First Entry [Please read!!!]

 Well I'm not one to post entries really but yeah this is the first entry. Um, I'll be using LJ primarily to promote my djs, please enjoy them.

I apologize for both bad art and storyline in advance.

Lastly if your going to download them, please do not post them on any other sites, however you can link back to my LJ profile. Also please do not remove the lil logo I posted on them, it is there for a reason so I know its not stolen. 

Thank you =)  
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